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Tommie Lee is a main cast member on season six and seven of Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta. In addition to this, she’s a model, rapper, and entrepreneur. Kilt Frames is her latest venture born out of her natural ability to always “kilt” the look. With the premiere luxury audio brand 1of1 Custom, Tommie and Kilt Frames is launching the Night Out and Sunny Brunchers audio sunglasses. Limited in quantity but unlimited in style, the glasses will be released at 12am on Black Friday 2022.

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Kilt Frames Night Out and Sunny Brunchers are unisex and look amazing on men or women. Tommie was inspired by how her and her friends always were multi tasking, and wanted to lookdoing so. What could she do to differentiate herself from the boring people with EarPods, the wannabes with Sunglasses, and the Out of the Know folks with over the ear (and out of touch) headphones? Introducing Kilt Frames.

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